We are indie game studio focused on singleplayer story based games.

About Us

Established in 2017 as a one-man team and in 2019 as a group of developers Pterosoft is an indie game studio made out of passionate game developers scattered all over the world. Our passion is the development of story-based video games.



  • Jan Bostl – Founder, CEO, Creative Director, Environment Artist, Writer, Designer
  • Angel Ayala – Art Director, 3D Artist, Environment Artist
  • Baha Tan Oral – Cinematic Editor, Designer
  • Sasha Eikel – 3D Artist, Environment Artist
  • Aaron Conner – 3D Artist, Producer
  • Shaun Bellamy – Sound Designer, Music Composer
  • Redewaan Ducket – Writer
  • Zane Sexton – Writer


Marketing Manager (UNPAID)

Sound Designer/Music Composer (UNPAID)

UI Artist (UNPAID)

Tester (UNPAID)


  • State of Development: 1.4 Update
    Hello. It’s been a while since we announced our 1.4 update for the demo of Akolyta. We did encountered some roadblocks and for a while we didn’t had a clear picture of what we wanted to do. That’s now mostly resolved and the development is coming along more nicely. In this post however I would […]

Contact Us

You can contact us via email: info[at]pterosoftstudio.com