Hi. My name is Jan and I’m creative director in Pterosoft studio. I would like to share with you some of the details about our studio and our development, so I decided to start this developer diary series. 

Few weeks ago we announced our game – Akolyta. I would like to share with you current development status. We developed tech demo and are currently looking for investor or publisher. We are doing this since July 2018 and this may take a little more time. Until then we can’t reveal more information about the game.

You play as Marshall Prime, detective in city of Gorenwille who is tasked to put end to murders in the city that appeared from nowhere. He and his partner Ben recieved letter, that tells them to meet this woman, that has information about the case.

At the end we would like to share a video with you. It includes intro from tech demo. I hope you like it and I hope to get you some intel soon.

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